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Integrated Body Dynamics is a Complementary Health Clinic in north London, close to Finsbury Park and Crouch End.  We specialise in remedial massage, helping our clients with back-ache, shoulder pain, stiff necks and other musculo-skeletal problems - from serious sports injuries to back-ache from gardening.

We offer a range of therapies, including many different kinds of massage, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, reflexology and several more.  Please take a look at our list of therapies here.  You don't always have to specify exactly what you want or need; we generally use whatever techniques we need to in order to sort you out!


Our new therapists -


Treatment of the Month for October

We have two new therapist starting with us.  Both have trained with our sister company, Accredited Massage Courses, and we've asked them to join us as therapists at Integrated Body Dynamics.


     Alison Hintzen  and  Alla Zarudnaja


As they are our Therapy of the Month, we're offering their services for £35 for an hour's treatment.  Click on their names above to find some more information about each of them.


Our Prices

Our regular pricing structure is:

Single Treatment            £45   (1 hour)
3 Treatments                £120  (£40 per hour)
5 Treatment                 £190  (£38 per hour)
10 Treatments              £360  (£36 per hour)

If you buy a set of pre-paid treatments, we're very happy for you to share them with your family or partner.  There's currently no time-limit on the use of pre-paid treatments, so they simply remain on your account and you can use them up whenever you need them.





Integrated Body Dynamics
17 Ferme Park Road

N4 4DS

Tel: 020 8347 0888


Integrated Body Dynamics is a massage and holistic therapy clinic in Stroud Green in north London (between Finsbury Park and Crouch End).  We are committed to improving your health and well-being.

Whether you choose a relaxing Holistic Massage, a deeply remedial Sports Massage or any one of our other popular therapies, you can be assured that we will find a therapy to suit your needs.

Take a look HERE for a full list of the therapies we offer.