Alice Leigh



Alice is running a class on Monday evenings from 19.00 - 20.00

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Alice has developed her own signature flow which is both relaxing and challenging at the same time. She teaches movement of the body through yoga postures while incorporating the breathe and becoming more aware of the physical self. She is fascinated by the human anatomy and physiology and shares her knowledge in her classes, explaining what to squeeze, what to relax and why. She is particularly interested in helping those with our modern day plight - desk spines. With her light-heartedness and soft encouragement, her classes are thoroughly enjoyed by many of all levels.  


Alice fell in love with yoga nearly 8 years ago, after her 6th class. She fell asleep in Savasana and snored ever so peacefully! That day Yoga impacted her philosophy in life, helping her get through some tough life battles. Experiencing first hand how Yoga and its teachings can help individuals, she decided to qualify as a yoga teacher and leave her secure accounting job. She has been on a mission ever since to de-stress London and is 100% committed to helping others.

She is passionate about helping others understand and connect to their bodies for a more enriched life. She has a deep desire to help people gain body confidence and have a more positive attitudes towards their own body image. With a good mixture of postures, yoga philosophy, mental awareness, and mindfulness, her classes are all-rounders and never boring. Ensuring the space feels safe, yogi’s leave feeling relaxed, stretched out, worked out and then float home for a great nights sleep.

Alice is an energy healer so working closely with energy she likes to adapt her Vinyasa Flow sessions to that of the energy of the class. Anatomically, explaining which muscles you should use and why, tense or relax, reminding you to keep alignment as to not cause injury, and ensuring you understand the benefits of why you are doing the posture, Alice’s sessions are fully immersive. 

Events with Alice:

Alice organises and hosts Yoga events based in London. Her last event, Mindful Movement Yoga and Reiki Energy Healing held on May 12th, was sold out and had a waiting list. Always soulful, always has yoga plus something, her events are growing in popularity and are worth the few hours of your weekend so keep your eyes peeled.

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// Drop-in Class £10.00

// Package: Spaces are limited to 8 per class so secure your weekly spot with a pack of ten for £10 per session. 



// Email Alice at or visit



// Integrated Body Dynamics, 17 Ferme Park Road, London N4 4DS (right beside Londis)


// ALL levels are welcome! Mats are provided. Special attention guaranteed with maximum 8 people per class.