November 2017 Newsletter: A Cute Picture of the Dogs, Therapist Holidays, New Furniture and Classes

Published on 3rd November 2017

November 2017 Newsletter


Hello again all,

The kids are back at school again and the nights are drawing in, we can’t deny it any longer: winter is fast approaching!


To lift our wintery spirits we treated our reception area (and our resident reception doggies) to some brand new furniture. Now you’ll find a nice place to put your shoes, while cooing over the sleeping dogs that now have a real place to call ‘bed’… Be sure to compliment us on our new look when you next come in.


You’ll be pleased to hear that both Claudia and Joy have returned from their respective trips, but as usual, we have some therapist holidays to report. It’s a very family based month however, as:

Alla is visiting her family in Estonia from the 7th – 14th November,
Jenny is off to visit some of her family in North Carolina for Thanksgiving from the 17th – 27th November,
And Rob returns home to the Netherlands to celebrate his mother’s 80th birthday from the 22nd – 29th November.

So, if you are hoping to see Alla, Jenny or Rob in November (or any of our other therapists for that matter) get your bookings in now!



We (Justin, Jenny, Joy and Laura) all had a wonderful taster session with Charlotte before the next term of her Thursday lunchtime Mindful Movement classes restart next Thursday 9th November. An interesting blend of Pilates, Feldenkrais method and Mindfulness meditation, Charlotte’s classes are a slow paced, precise, gentle and grounding experience for anybody who experiences difficulties in range or quality of movement, stress, tension, fatigue, or who enjoy a more physically orientated meditation. Click here for more information. (Please note the classes will run from 12.45 to 1.45pm).

 Alice continues to cover Billie’s Tuesday evening Yoga class this  term as Billie is now at home recovering after birth of baby number two – congratulations and all our love to Billie and her family. Spaces are available in Alice’s class this term, so do get in touch if you’d like to join in.


That's it from us for now, wishing you a wonderful month and looking forward to seeing you back in the clinic for another treatment soon!


Everyone at Integrated Body Dynamics




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