Mara Vivas



Tuesday evenings from 8.30 - 9.30pm


Mara Vivas is a comprehensively qualified BASI Pilates teacher, who has helped many people overcome injury through exercise and strengthening the exact areas of muscle which are the source of their problems.

Being a professionally trained, classical and highly successful dancer Mara has appeared on major stages in her native Venezuela, as well as USA, Spain, Germany and Austria. She has also choreographed internationally and continues to do so.
Mara’s knowledge of the body’s anatomy is more than just an interest.  Her career has depended on a healthy, injury-free working body.  Mara knows full well that any body needs maintenance and her continuing fascination with the body in motion led her to train in Pilates with Body Arts and Science International (BASI) in Austria, while continuing her full-time job as a dancer at Opernhaus Graz in Germany.

Mara's class emphasizes flow, with focus on breath and ease of movement. She believes that this leads to a more integrated use of the body, improving both strength and flexibility. Since coming to the UK she has continued to dance and choreograph, bringing her continuing movement exploration, as well as her sense of creativity and play, to her class.

A Pilates teacher who understands the intricate body mechanics through her professional interest in movement can bring improvement and lasting pain free movement to anyone participating.