Tamsin Luck


Classes: Thursday mornings from 10am - 11am

Tamsin originally trained as a dancer. Having suffered from a back problem while dancing, she started a Pilates rehabilitation program. After realising the enormous benefits, she decided to train as a teacher at the Pilates Institute with Michael King. 
Tamsin has had 10 years experience teaching in health clubs, yoga centres, complementary health centres and has worked on a number of retreats abroad. She has an ITEC qualification in Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Stress Management and is also a qualified Yoga Instructor.

The Pilates method is an extremely effective technique which enriches the mind-body connection. Combined with the breath, the use of the deep abdominal muscles, precision of movement and control, the body and mind become more balanced. Pilates increases strength, flexibility,co-ordination and muscle tone. It also improves your posture so you are less likely to suffer from back pain.

If you're interested in joining Tamsin's classes and would like to find out if there are places availabe, please contact Tamsin directly:
Mobile: 07964 834 706
Email: tamsinlemkow@gmail.com