COVID19 Hygiene Measures

What we're doing:

  • Each treatment room is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant between each appointment.  
  • The common areas are cleaned by the Reception Team between patients.
  • Our ventilation system works on air extraction, not air recycling, ensuring a constant active ventilation of treatment rooms.
  • Appointment times for the different Therapists are staggered to avoid patients arriving at the same time, as well as spaced 30 minutes apart. Appointments are also limited to a maximum of one hour at a time.  Certain treatments cannot be undertaken, particularly facial massage or intra-oral techniques.
  • One treatment room has been re-deployed as our waiting area for patients.  The receptionist will be for payments and appointment booking only.  This will improve social distancing. To help us maintain this social distancing, please arrive only a few minutes before your appointment is due to start. 
  • In accordance with the most current NHS guidance for healthcare practitioners, all Therapists will be wearing the following personal protective equipment (PPE):

    A fabric mask
    A face-shield
    A wipeable apron
    Disposable gloves

A note on gloves: we are keen to keep the use of disposable plastics down to protect the environment.  All our Therapists have always had good handwashing hygiene practices and our massage techniques often require the use of elbow and forearm.  We therefore feel that it may be unnecessary to use gloves in a massage treatment.  A risk assessment will be undertaken with each appointment and your request will be taken into account.

What we're asking you to do:

  • Please do not attend your appointment if you feel unwell or if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid19 in the last two weeks.  If either of these is the case, please call us as soon as possible  to cancel your treatment.  You will need to self-isolate for 2 weeks.  After that and if you have remained well, we will be happy to book you back in. 
  • As you enter our reception area, there is a sensor activated hand sanitiser for you to disinfect your hands immediately on entry.  
  • As you probably know, our reception area is very small, so we are using our back room as a waiting area as there is much more space.  We will ask you to go straight to our back room to wait.  
  • We request that you bring your own mask. (Bandanas, ski snoods and fabric masks are fine).  There are disposable masks available for purchase should you forget, although we are trying to minimise the use of disposable PPE of any kind.



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