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Estella Alvares is offering a six week yoga course for anyone who would like to explore a yoga practice and find ways to practice in an easeful & healthy way while at the same time building strength and flexibility.

Class details: 

Tuesday 13th August-Tuesday 24th September (no class on Tuesday 27th August)

Tuesday 8th October-Tuesday 19th November (no class on Tuesday 5th November)

Tuesday 10th December-Tuesday 21st January (no class on Tuesday 24th & 31st December)

For booking & payment contact:

In between 6 week blocks Estella is offering a one-off small group class of Gentle Yoga with Deep Relaxation. 

You will practice moving slowly with the breath, which is a great way to release those tensions that build up through the day in mind & body.  With this release you're preparing yourself for the long & deep relaxation which completes this class. 

You might be thinking 'What's the point of gentle movements, can they have any benefit, will it be boring?'.  Well, slow gentle movements seem very simple but they mobilise your joints effectively and without any strain. Moving in this unhurried way slows down your breathing & is a very meditative experience, both are profoundly nourishing to your mind, body & spirit. Come to this class if you would like to leave feeling deeply rested & rejuvenated, not just for the hours following this class.


Tuesday 6th August

Tuesday 1st October

Tuesday 26th November

Time: 7-8:15 p.m.
Price: £15

Please bring your own yoga mat to this class.

For more information, bookings & payment please contact Estella direct:


Each 6 week block of classes will be built around a theme – this might be a block during we which develop a set of yoga asana (poses) so that you become familiar with them and are able to explore the depths & insights of what works, or what doesn’t work, for you as the weeks progress; at the same time learning how to adapt what you’re working with to suit your own body. 

Some other examples of themes we might work with -  balances, twists, a sun salutation, forward folds, back bends.

Or it might be a set of classes in which we very consciously work with an awareness of the breath and how breath supports practice. Or...or….or….  There are many options of themes, so this is just to give you an idea of what you might meet during these class blocks :-)

The class size will be limited to a maximum of 7 people.

This will be a safe space for us all in which you can explore your practice without feeling any pressure to ‘perform’ or be or look anything other than your beautiful self.


When you commit to a practice that’s organised across a number of weeks, it allows me to grow my students’ yoga knowledge in a structured way, and it gives you opportunities to develop your practice through familiarity – not only from repetition but also from the adding on of mental & energetic experience each week.

You’ll be practising in a small community of like-minded people consistently each week.


I’ll be running 6 week class blocks regularly at the same time & place – Integrated Body Dynamics, Tuesday evenings 7-8:15 p.m.. 

* You’ll be able to purchase each block of classes in advance.

** Please see above for dates


These classes are open to everyone, some knowledge of yoga is useful but not essential.  You’ll be learning more about Yoga’s physical, meditation & breathing practices.

Please get in touch with Estella prior to signing up if you have any specific health concerns or injuries:


* Investment for each 6 week block booking: £65

Pre-booking is essential. Payment secures your space for your chosen class block.




When: 7-8:15 p.m. each Tuesday (**please see dates above)

Where: Integrated Body Dynamics, 17 Ferme Park Road, N4 4DS

How to get to the venue:

Nearest tube: Finsbury Park (Victoria & Piccadilly lines)

Nearest rail stations: Harringay & Finsbury Park

Buses: W3, 210, W7


Please bring your own mat – there are many types of mats available at reasonable prices online or at stores like Decathlon, TK Maxx and some major supermarkets.

Your yoga mat is your connection to your practice – it creates a yoga space just for you.  You’ll feel a sense of familiarity the moment you pick up and unroll your own mat whether you’re at home or at a yoga studio. Plus you can choose a colour & design of your choice :-)


Loose comfortable clothing – leggings or trackie bottoms, a T-shirt or top that’s long enough to cover your hips, bring socks and an extra layer to wear on top.  No need to invest in any special gear.


Payment for each 6 week class block is due in full 7 days in advance of the first class.
Payment secures your space in your selected class block.
Purchase or refund of part of a 6 week block not available.
Drop in not available.
Refund or carrying forward of missed classes not available.
Refund not available within 72 hours of the first session date of each block of classes.


Estella has a strong belief that everyone is able to experience the myriad benefits of yoga, and that yoga is so much more than achieving a physical ideal or a complicated yoga pose.  For her, yoga is about finding internal balance which allows us to live an ease-ful life on and off the yoga mat.  Our entryway to this balance starts with the physical body; during our yoga practice we allow ourselves to make conscious choices of what works for your own body, by letting go of expecting your body to behave in certain ways (hmm, for example, maybe you’ve been thinking something like ‘I should be able to touch my toes’) and instead, delighting in what your body can do when you let it be.  This ‘letting go’ and conscious choosing is what brings us to finding balance and ease in ourselves  on and off the yoga mat.

Estella has been practising yoga for 30 years and trained as a yoga teacher with Triyoga in London, completing over 500 hours of teacher training through these programmes.  She is registered with The British Wheel of Yoga & accredited by Yoga Alliance.  Estella has also completed therapeutic yoga trainings for Cancer, Parkinsons, Chronic Fatigue/ME, Long Covid & Yoga for the Physically Disabled, and offers these practices to her students. She now works as a full-time yoga teacher, having previously had a career as a Producer in the busy world of TV & Radio advertising.

Estella teaches private and public group classes, as well as private one-to-one sessions, in person & online, and appreciates well the benefits these different contexts of practice have for her students as well as for herself.

Her classes are a style of Hatha Yoga in which students are guided through an exploration of thoughtful practice – this way of practising allows her students to focus on breath & movement and to realise how these are inter-related and can work together in harmony.  Estella also teaches classes of meditation, Qigong and Restorative Yoga – these are subtle yet powerful practices, and elements of these are often incorporated into her more general classes.

Many of her teachers, with whom she continues to study & practice, are well regarded in the yoga world – Judith Hanson Lasater, Anna Ashby, Jean Hall, Mimi Kuo Deemer, Jivana Heyman, JoAnn Lyons, Fiona Agombar, Jenni Stone, Matthew Sandford, Richard Rosen, Gary Carter.

Estella acknowledges deep gratitude to her teachers and students for all that she has learned and continues to learn.

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