Ayurvedic Massage


Ayuverdic Practitioner: Jessica Sherlock. 

Ayurveda massage has numerous benefits: it removes aches and pains, relaxes the muscles and nerves, it is anti-aging, helps to detox the body, stimulates resistance to disease, promotes a deeper breathing pattern, induces deep sleep, aids healthy digestion, strengthens the skin and makes life more joyful.

Ayurvedic full body massage involves massage of the whole body, scalp and face using abhyanga, a set of specialized techniques: tapping, cupping, rubbing, squeezing, kneading with warm oil. Therapeutic oils are selected according to the constitution of the individual and any imbalance in their doshas. The Marma points are stimulated through gentle pressure to over 100 energy nodes all over the body that tap into the energy channels and mind-body connections. Pinda Sweda, hot poultices made with herbs and rice are used to deeply relax the muscles and reduce aches and pains.

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