Newsletter for June 2023

Published on 16th June 2023

Alison Douglas is offering Facial Reflexology and Natural Facelift Massage

"I recently qualified in Facial Reflexology (trained by Ziggy Bergman) and Natural Facelift Massage. Our face is a reflection of our emotions and inner state and both treatments help to release long held tension in the face and jaw, stimulate the facial nerves, muscles and tissues, improve muscle tone and cellular activity and maintain a youthful appearance."

Facial Reflexology is a holistic and gentle treatment that has all the health benefits of Foot Reflexology with the added benefit of a radiant, firmer and more glowing complexion. With its proximity to the brain and cranial nerves, Facial Reflexology can be particularly beneficial for people suffering from headaches, migraines, insomnia, sinusitis, facial paralysis and stress.

Natural Facelift Massage is like a mini face lift.  It involves a variety of techniques which includes acupressure for energising the face (without the insertion of needles), smoothing and lifting (improves the appearance of any habitual expression lines), lymphatic drainage (helps with puffiness) and stabilising (encourages the face to absorb and accept the changes I have encouraged on the client’s face).

Both treatments include upper arm, head and neck massage. Individually the treatments are half an hour but I can combine both to give a full facial treatment. Alternatively I can add one to a half hour foot reflexology treatment or massage.

*Alison Douglas will be offering a £10 discount for 60min treatments until the end of July. 

Gentle Yoga Nidra and Deep Relaxation with Estella Alvares

Estella is offering a one-off small group class, using a sublime combination of movements
to ease out the tensions of your day and prepare your mind and body for a long & deep relaxation.
Tuesday 27 June   -  7.00pm-8:15 pm
Price:   £15 
Estella will also offer six-week yoga courses throughout the year, using yoga practice to find a relaxing & healthy way to build strength and flexibility.
Tuesdays - 7:00 - 8:15 pm
Price: £65 
4 July -  8 August
22 August - 3 October
17 October - 21 November
For bookings & payment please contact Estella direct:

Alla Zarudnaja is extending her times

Having recently returned from maternity leave, Alla will be extending her times to be with us full time from July. 
Tuesdays       - am & pm
Wednesdays - pm
Thursdays     - pm (alternate weeks)
Fridays - am & pm (alternate weeks)
Saturdays      - am & pm

Much love from the team.

020 8347 0888

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