Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapists: Robert Donkers


Living organisms have vibrational energy systems, which includes chakras, electromagnetic fields around the body known as auras, subtle bodies and meridians.  By using the appropriate crystals Crystal Therapy can tune an energy system or rebalance energies, thus improving well-being due to the vibrations produced by the crystals, according to color, chemical composition, atomic structure and overall physical form.  Using the vibrations of the crystals a trained practitioner can allegedly move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body, using the structure of the crystal for the body to emulate.   Crystal  healing also  gives the body a chance to relax, which can aid in the body's natural abilities of the immune system.

The earliest records of crystal healing come from ancient Egypt.  The Ebers papyrus states the medicinal uses of many different gems.  Healing with crystals is also recorded in India's Ayurvedic records and in trditional Chinese medicine from around five thousand years ago.  Several shamanistic cultures practice crystal healing, including the Inuits of Canada, which was adopted by New Age healers.