Holistic/Swedish Massage

Holistic/Swedish Massage Therapists: Alison Douglas, Alison Hintzen, Alla Zarudnaja, Eva TomeckovaJoy ChamberlinZofia Szymanska, James Sanderson.  

Massage is a technique that has many origins, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Greek and Roman.  Massage is the use of hands or mechanical means, to manipulate the soft tissue of the body, particularly muscles.  Swedish massage is one of the most widely used massage therapies today, also known as Therapeutic or Holistic massage.  Per Henrik Ling developed Swedish Massage in Sweden during the 1800s.  He was instrumental in exposing Swedish massage to the scientific community, convincing them that its benefits were fundamental in maintaining good health.

Over the years, massage has regained its popularity and professional accreditation and is now one of the most popular complementary therapies today.

What can Massage do for you?

Swedish Massage uses techniques, which have far-reaching physiological, physical, mental and emotional effects.  Through the use of specific strokes on the body, massage helps to eliminate the build-up of toxins that we accumulate in the tissues.  Drainage of these toxins produces a cleansing effect thus allowing the body to rid itself of the damaging by-products of everyday activities.  Massage promotes suppleness of the muscles, improves circulation and reduces stress.

You can book a full body massage which last for approximately an hour.  However, many people like sessions that concentrate on specific parts of their body like back or legs and feet.  Often they like the therapist to look at specific problems like muscle aches, stiffness and restriction of movement in their back, shoulders or legs.  The massage session is about what suits the clients' needs at that precise moment.

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