Honey Massage


Honey Massage Therapists: Jenny Pullini, Robert Donkers

Honey Massage is a therapeutic massage from ancient Tibet and is good for cleansing the whole body, stimulating and opening the energetic channels.  Tibetan healers recognised the unique ability of honey to absorb toxins and to remove them out of the skin and used it to achieve a callisthenic effect and improve health.  Honey takes the polluted energy out of the organism, improves blood circulation in tissues underneath the skin and muscles, and improves the thermal regulation of the skin.  Honey massage stimulates the lymph system and influences the whole central nervous system and flexibility of the spine.

Honey massage cleans pores in the skin and is additionally excellent when recovering from the common colds and painful joints.  The procedure is not suitable for people with sensitive skin, fragile walls of blood vessels or who are allergic to honey.  In addition to that honey massage is not suitable for men with excessive growth of hair. 

Honey massage represents an extremely effective method of treatment and preventive maintenance of intellectual and physical exhaustion, sleep disturbance, psychosomatic disorders.  After a course of honey massage you not simply will feel rested and renewed, your skin becomes soft, its puffiness, roughness and pigmentation gradually disappear. 

Honey massage is carried out either as a partial massage or a general massage.  The effect can be seen already from a single procedure, to get more stable results it is recommended to go through it twice a week.