Laura McCafferty (Thai Yoga Massage)

We are still in the process of finalising all the paperwork required for Laura to begin practising here at Integrated Body Dynamics. However she is taking advance bookings for late May. Please get in touch if you'd like to be added to the waiting list.  


Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage

(coming soon: Thai Pregnancy Massage, Thai Facial Massage) 

07415 651 513 

About Thai Yoga Massage 

Thai yoga massage is a traditional eastern massage which combines acupressure, stretching and applied yoga. It has been practised in Thailand for thousands of years, with roots in the northern Indian yoga philosophies, and traditional healing systems, as well as in Chinese medicine. Thai yoga massage works with the Indian yoga philosophy of the life force, or prana pathways which make up an energy line system within the body call the ten sen. If there is a blockage in any line preventing the flow of energy, it can lead to aches and pains or disease on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. The Thai sen lines follow different pathways to the meridians in Japanese Shiatsu and Chinese acupuncture. There is an element of spirituality to Thai Yoga Massage too, as it was originally practised in Buddhist temples as an extension of Buddhist practice, particularly meditation. Thai yoga massage practitioners practise awareness and presence while giving a massage, as well as embodying the metta, or loving kindness, meditation. 

Effects and Benefits

The intention behind a Thai yoga massage is to balance the energy systems of the body, however, it can take a few days after the massage for the balancing to be complete.  Commonly people experience either tiredness after a Thai yoga massage which is a sign of old energy leaving the body; or energised, which suggests that lots of new energy is flowing into the body. 

Other benefits include: 

  • greater flexibility in the joints 
  • enhanced circulation 
  • improved alignment and posture
  • stimulation of the internal organs 
  • relaxation and a sense of tranquility

About the Treatments

Thai Yoga Massage

Traditionally, Thai Yoga Massage is performed fully clothed on a mat or futon on the floor, with blankets, cushions, bolsters and straps used to enhance the comfort of both the practitioner and the receiver. It is a wonderful combination of applied yoga, gentle stretching and acupressure massage techniques. 

Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is a relatively new in Thailand, having only been practised for 8-10 years at most. However, you'll now find it being offered at most massage parlours and market stalls wherever you go in Thailand. A group of Thai Masseurs studied reflexology with Chinese, Japanese and Korean reflexologists, and came up with their own system. Thai Foot massage is not diagnostic like reflexology, but it does cover all the reflex zones on the feet.  A full foot massage which works right up to the knees and lower legs, using oil, hands and a wooden reflex stick can take up to 1 hour. It is possible to reduce the time to have a 30 minute treatment, or to include an extended foot massage as part of a full body treatment. 

Prices at Integrated Body Dynamics 

Treatments are available by arrangement with Laura. Generally Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & weekends are most available. 

A full body treatment usually lasts for 2hrs, but this can be shortened to 90 minutes if necessary. More focused 1hr treatments are available for specific areas of the body, such as the face, the back, neck and shoulders, or feet and legs, however, it is recommended that the first session is always a full body treatment and at least 90 minutes long, to allow the therapist to assess the entire body for imbalances, tensions or other issues, and to ensure that the receiver gets the full benefit of a complete Thai Yoga Massage treatment.

2hrs      |   £90
90mins   |     £75
60mins   |     £50
30mins    |     £25 

Discount packages are available when booking multiple sessions. 
The Birthday Discount, and Refer-a-Friend Discount and Concessionary Discount outlined here are also available. 



Wonderfully intuitive, I have never had a Thai massage like it! I would call it "Remedial Thai" - if that's what you needed - Laura has a rare knack of knowing what you need and able to tailor the massage to pay the right attention to all the right areas. Far from a formulaic routine. She has a variety of 'sequences' and knows which to employ. I have been back almost weekly since meeting Laura, and 3 of my friends already hooked. (And I have had easily over 60 Thai massages in Thailand too) Well done Laura, highly recommended indeed.
- Liz, April 2018 

Laura has a natural intuition that connects with your body, mind and soul. You will undoubtedly leave her feeling nourished, rejuvenated and connected to yourself, she makes you feel so comfortable it really is magical. With just her hands she reminded me that nurturing myself is so important. I have had a few massages now with Laura and I have to say that I am 100% hooked! Regular and extremely happy customer here. Thank you Laura! 
- Izz, April 2018