Mara Vivas



Tuesday evenings from 8.30 - 9.30pm


Mara is a movement therapist and dance artist with an extensive career in movement and dance.

Her  lifelong  fascination with  the body in motion, and her need to maintain a healthy, injury-free body led her to first train as Pilates teacher alongside her full time job as a dancer at the Opernhaus Graz in Austria. She began her training in March 2009 with Body Arts & Science International (BASI) and immediately started teaching Pilates. Her deepening self research lead her to train in the GYROTONIC® method, completing her training in May 2016.

Her class emphasises flow, with focus on breath and ease of movement. She believes that this leads to a more integrated use of the body, improving both strength and flexibility. Her constant exposure to Somatic Practices, Experiential Anatomy and her passion for dance continue to strongly influence her teaching.

Mara holds an MA in Choreography by The Place - London Contemporary Dance School (University of Kent). She splits her time between teaching movement to people from all walks of life, creating dances, and as a Practice based Dissertation tutor at the London Studio Centre.

Since her arrival in the UK she has continued to dance and choreograph, bringing her continuing movement exploration, and sense of creativity and play to her class.

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