We are very proud to work alongside our neighbours at n4workout Personal Training and Fitness Studio, 19 Ferme Park Road. Their mission is to maximise your body's physical performance and your quality of life through their methods of Functional Integrated Training. That is, as they say "Personal Training with a Difference." 

Functional Integrated Training concentrates on movement patterns and the natural biomechanics of body to handle real life situations. The key to functional exercise is integration and adaptation, it teaches the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently. This allows the individual to perform the activities of daily life or sports easily and with less chance of injury. After all, what good is having the sexiest biceps in town if you can't scramble up the Underground steps with ease, run for a bus without knee pain or lift a toddler without wrenching your back?

Run by our own Robert Donkers' partner Mervyn Espie, the n4workout team are very good friends and neighbours of ours, and it is wonderful to know that we can support each other in supporting our clients (many of whom we share) as we share knowledge, equipment and advice (as well as a dishwasher!) between our two businesses. For more information about n4workout, click their logo above to visit their website.