Natural Facelift Massage


Natural Facelift Massage Therapists: Claudia Rossi, Jenny Pullini, Joy Chamberlin, Justin Johnson, Lisa Yates, Robert Donkers

The natural facelift massage has been developed to help clients look younger and fight the process of ageing without plastic surgery, botox or other clinical methods such as skin peeling or chemicals.  The natural facelift massage is carefully researched using techniques from both East and West, both in terms of philosophy and technique. 

The treatment starts with the application of light pressure to Acupressure points around the face.  This process stimulates qi (energy) along tradtional meridians, bringing energy to the muscles of the face.  This is then followed by gentle dry massage designed to lift and firm the facial muscles.  Finally the therapist will use a blend of aromatic essential oils appropriate for the client’s skin whether these are for anti-ageing, psoriasis, oily, dry, combination or other conditions.  As wells a giving further massage stimulation, this process moisturises the skin and relies on the natural therapeutic effects of organic essential oils.

After the treatment the client receives a small bottle of facial oil to be applied every evening before going to bed and to be used as a moisturiser for during the day.  Clients will also receive notes and diagrams of simple facial exercises which help slow down the ageing process.

We recommend that a series of 6 weekly treatments are the best way to see the improvement and the return of tone and elasticity to the skin.   After that, we recommend further occasional treatments, perhaps monthly, to keep the skin healthy, radiant and firm.