Rosalind Green


BSc Psychology. (BPS)
Alexander Technique Teacher.
Member of CHNC, FHT.

Mobile: 07833512244


I trained in the Alexander Technique is 2001 at the Constructive Teaching Centre, now in Imperial Wharf, London. My mission is to introduce and train people to have a new and improved use of themselves through learning the Alexander Technique. Having studied Dance and Dance Movement therapy, and a Science degree, I observed that people lose something in their way of natural movement after a certain age in childhood, which prompted me to investigate this further and I discovered the Alexander Technique. Our modern lifestyles of using cars and computers can negatively influence, impact and compromise the upright bipedal spine. The Alexander Technique is a method of re-educating the body to move naturally and as we are designed to move. In doing so, we unlearn bad postural and movement habits which can cause all sorts of problems in the body and therefore the mind.  Yoga and Pilates are very popular now, but in doing these activities you will still be using yourself in the same way. Muscle length and core strength are important but will not address muscle habits.

Through my work with adults and children, I believe that the proper use of the body can contribute directly to the psychophysical health of the person. This is not about fitness, it is about true balance and learning to move in the best biomechanically efficient way possible.

I maintain high standard of client care by consistently ‘raising the bar’ for myself. I worked as an affiliate researcher at Bournemouth University where I am published in well-being research, (Sage academic, Chapt. 4 Caring for Older People in Nursing, 2015). I use a ‘hands on’ method of transmitting information to aid independence about how to move in and out of a chair, walking, running and sitting, and more specialized activities such as playing a musical instrument or singing, and more specifically riding.

I am committed to maximizing human functioning and movement potential. Through my work with horse whisperers, (I was a resident Alexander Technique Teacher at a private yard in Winchester), I have developed a keen interest in embodied knowledge, enkinesthesia and behavioral habits. My work underpins the structure of the human frame and how it is supposed to work as an upright bipedal mammal.  This helps create the possibility of change within oneself. To defend oneself against habitual patterns of thinking and moving, and to be able to inhabit the body in a real human way to benefit maximum psychophysical health.

 The Alexander Technique is proven to help with back pain and is recommended by the NHS. It is about real change. Lessons last between 40-45 mins and are one to one.