James Sanderson 

Member of CThA

James’ Hours: 

Alternate Wednesdays: 09.30-20.00

Alternate Thursdays: 9.30-17.30

Alternate Sundays: 9.30-18.30

James’ Therapies: 

Holistic/Swedish MassageSports MassageDeep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone MassageMyofascial ReleasePregnancy Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Why I do what I do:

I’ve often struggled with physical aches and anxiety over the years, from sport, work or just the pressures of modern living. Regular massages became an excellent way of reducing the impact of these stresses on my life, and I aim to pass on a similar catharsis to my clients.

How I make a difference:

I’ve often found that treatments can feel generic, and the ones that stay with me are those that I feel respond to my needs. I try to give my clients that same feeing of personal service that I find in my favourite therapists - tailoring the treatment, music and level of conversation to whatever my clients prefer.

What matters to me:

Talking to my clients to gain a better understanding about not just their immediate problem, but also their general well-being. Obviously each treatment aims to improvise conditions in the short-term, but I find that through more thorough conversation we are able to come up with longer-term goals that can fit in with each client’s lifestyle. 

James Sanderson | Sports Massage Therapist

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