Robert Donkers


Robert has relocated to Northern Ireland, however ocationally will be coming back to work at the clinic. His next available days - 5th - 9th December.

A founder director of Integrated Body Dynamics and, unarguably, the reason we are all here and doing the job we do today.


Robert's Therapies:

Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Balinese Massage, Crystal Therapy, Cupping Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Facial Massage, Holistic/Swedish Massage, Hopi Ear Candle, Indian Head Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Neurostructural Integration, Natural Facelift Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage.


Robert’s heritage is partly from the Far East, as both his parents were born in Indonesia. Massage has always been part of his upbringing and that is why massaging is something that has come naturally to him.  When he or his siblings were under the weather his father would give them a thorough massage before going to sleep, using aromatic oils and balms.  The effects the next morning were always so positive that he was well enough to be sent to school!  Something that, as a young boy, he did not always appreciate. 

As a boy he learnt to massage not only with his hands but also with his feet, walking over his mother’s back when she was suffering from back pain.  Cupping massage was another method used at home to alleviate many ailments.

Before becoming a therapist himself, Robert worked as information officer at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and as Registrar at the British School of Osteopathy.  As a multi qualified practitioner Robert’s clients vary from ballet dancers, boxers, swimmers, runners and other athletes to mums, office workers and people recovering from injuries and surgical operations.

Robert is also a qualified personal trainer which puts him in a unique position to understand, identify and treat injuries suffered by athletes and sports people in all areas of physical activity including running, dancing, weightlifting, swimming, martial arts, yoga or mountain climbing.

Personal Comment:
"I love working with people.  There is nothing more rewarding than to see a client, who has come in, for example, with lower back pain and can hardly move, leave the treatment room after a session, free from pain.

As a therapist qualified in so many therapies, my treatments are never the same.  I tailor-make the treatment to suit the specific needs of each client ensuring that they receive the most suitable treatment, whether they present with a specific injury or condition or they simply want a relaxing massage."

Robert Donkers | Director, Sports Massage Therapist

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