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For any enquiries contact Zeez Sleep Consultant Anna McKay.

Website: www.zeez.org.uk

Email: anna@zeez.org.uk

Phone no: 020 8347 8734


Good sleep is one of the cornerstones of health. Poor sleep dramatically increases our risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s, as well as our risk of mental illness. Sleep well, and our health improves, we benefit more from exercise, we look better, and our mood lifts. Our productivity increases, we make better decision, and we tend to earn more. Our sleep consultant, Anna McKay, will work with you to understand and overcome difficulties in sleeping, whether these take the form of not being able to fall asleep, waking in the night, or poor daytime energy.  She’ll cover nutrition, lifestyle, electromagnetic interference, effects of medication and useful tech, including the new Zeez Sleep Pebble.


"It was brilliant to have someone to talk to who understands how debilitating it can be, not sleeping. A relief to have support that worked. I    start following your advice and immediately got more sleep and have started feeling so much better, including being able to work a full day .    It's great to feel human again. I now sleep around 6-7 hours a night instead of 1 or 2. '- Rachel, Company Director

"It is wonderful to have someone really interested in my sleep problems. Last night was brilliant, still sleeping well. Just one bad night since receiving my Zeez.”  

“A fab device. The difference was phenomenal.. I was so much more relaxed, and my energy levels MASSIVELY improved” Jilly Batchelar,   Proprietor, Free Spirit Travel Yoga holidays

“After two nights I was a different person” Bettina Falkenberg, Charity Fundraiser

“It worked. I still woke, but instead of reading, or phoning my son in Texas, I went straight back to sleep. And instead of waking up feeling   exhausted, I could get up early without feeling tired.” - Wayne Gordon, Actor and Celebrity Personal Trainer

"Everyone should have one” Mervyn Espie, N4 Workout

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